Maeda, Ayres & Sarubbi Advogados brings together professionals with over a decade of experience and a leading role in Brazil and abroad in the following areas of practice:

Internal Investigations

We coordinate and conduct internal investigations on a wide range of matters. We assist in all stages of the investigation, from the receipt of the allegations to eventual report to authorities and negotiation of agreements. Our lawyers coordinated and acted on some of the most significant investigations in Brazil and worldwide, including the first case of a Brazilian multinational investigated under the FCPA. In recent years, our lawyers have conducted dozens of investigations involving potential illicit acts in several countries, including: Angola, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Venezuela.

Implementation and enhancement of compliance programs

We help our clients to implement and enhance compliance programs consistent with the requirements of local and foreign legislation. We assist our clients in the implementation and improvement of the entire program, as well as in carrying out specific activities, including:

• Conducting risk assessment
• Development of policies, procedures and codes of conduct
• Elaboration and conduction of trainings to all employees or development of focused training for specific areas of greater risk to the company
• Compliance training for Boards of Directors and Executive Officers
• Drafting of internal and external communication materials
• Structuring of hotlines
• Compliance program monitoring
• Creation of investigation protocols and toolkits
• Assessment and improvement of internal controls
• Training and creation of protocols for search and seizure cases

In recent years, our team has implemented and improved several compliance programs for domestic and foreign companies in sectors such as food, aerospace, consumer goods, construction, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, financial markets, oil and gas, retail and information technology.

Due diligence on third parties and M&A transactions

We conduct compliance due diligences on third parties and within the scope of M&A transactions as well as implement compliance structures during the post-closing integration phase. Our specialized technical knowledge allows us to analyze the concrete situation and present practical solutions in order to mitigate risks for the company.

Negotiation of agreements with authorities

We actively participated in the discussions of the bill of law that was enacted into Law 12,846/2013 (Brazilian Clean Companies Act) and were publicly acknowledged by the Rapporteur for the contributions made to the text of the law. Our participation led to the inclusion of the chapter related to leniency agreements in the statute. Our team has acted in the first agreements entered with Brazilian authorities under the anti-corruption legislation and in the first agreement simultaneously entered with Brazilian and U.S. authorities.

Anti-corruption certifications (ISO 37001, DSC 10.000 and Pró-Ética)

We assist our clients to obtain anti-corruption certifications and to create and enhance policies and procedures to comply with anti-corruption regulations. One of the partners of the firm was a member of the Editorial Drafting Group of ISO 37001 and was the leader of the Brazilian delegation.

Judicial and administrative litigation

Specialized in judicial and administrative litigation, particularly in matters related to the Clean Companies Act and Law 8,429/1992 (Administrative Improbity Law), we analyze the specific situation of the client from different perspectives and present practical solutions to the case.

Corporate criminal law

We provide consulting services and assist during the pre-litigation phase, police investigations, criminal proceedings and criminal lawsuits, developing the criminal defense along with other areas, such as civil and administrative proceedings. We advise not only defendants but also the victims, having assisted clients in recovering deviated amounts and prosecuting criminal offenders.

Corporate governance

We evaluate company’s corporate governance practices and help clients to implement related policies and procedures, as well as in the creation and implementation of boards of directors and their committees.

Prevention of money laundering

We develop and enhance policies and procedures as well as conduct trainings for the prevention of money laundering (“PML”). We assess the level of maturity of the PML practices adopted to mitigate risks to the company and its employees.

Post-agreement monitorship

Recent agreements entered with enforcement authorities are imposing the obligation to engage external monitor. Our team of lawyers has the required expertise and experience to act in this position.

Crisis management and prevention

We assist our clients in developing and implementing crisis management plans and during crisis events, particularly accompanying search and seizure procedures and managing the relationship with the press and other counterparts.

Advice to boards of directors

The Members of Boards of Directors are increasingly involved in matters related to compliance, such as the supervision of internal investigations and decisions regarding reporting to the authorities. We assist Boards of Directors to exercise their role effectively and to mitigate possible risks to their members.